I know a blind person and he had this most incredible dream. My friend, Thomas, swore it was so real, he felt he was living the dream. The images were vivid and detailed with colors.
    I know, I was a little doubtful about blind guys having sighted dreams, but it’s been known to happen.
    He called it the Garden of Eden. In the dream, he traveled out past the Mississippi River, into the Wilderness. There were Indians who chased them into this valley with the rugged Cross.
    The couple started tilling the fields for wheat when they plowed up human bones.
    The Garden of Eden wasn’t Paradise, but the valley of the damned. The mass burial grounds were sacred Indian burial land. It was cursed by the ghost warriors.
    It was such a great story, Thomas got out of bed while still in the dream and walked over to his desk and started writing into his computer.
    Another interesting note , if a hundred monkeys with typewriters can bang out Macbeth , then imagine what a blind writer could do with a talking computer.
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    I’m a blind writer. I write chick lititure and that’s why I use a pen name; To protect my reputation as a southern redneck. I can’t have the good old boys at the coffee shop learn I write chick lit.

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