If all goes as planned, Paradise: Lost and Found will be published today. If not, then tomorrow.
    I would like to share with you more about me.
    Even though, you have already met Willow May, the other half of my personality, a lot of what was said of her still holds true for me.
    My name is truly Thomas Owen Black. I was born in Alabama and lived most of my life in Georgia.
    While I attended Augusta College, when it was still named Augusta College, I was blind and after six years; I finally received a BA in English Lititure
    During the last two years of my academic years, I earned the right to say that I’m an award winning playwright. In the spring of 1996, I participated in the Sandhills Writers Conference. I wrote a play, "The Light at the End of the Tunnel Is Another Train", and it won second prize.{ Copies are still available} The following year, I won honorary mention. The awards held no real wealth, other than the prestige. Augusta College had a very good reputation for her English Lititure program.
    None of my plays were good enough to be produced on Broadway, or even far off Broadway; it was pretty cool to be critiqued by a famous Broadway producer.
    I have learned to appreciate Shakespeare and his abilities and had no doubt, there was not a snowball chance of coming close to the master. Creating plays is a very difficult format to write, especially for the blind. It’s very tedious, but I can enjoy reading others.


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    I’m a blind writer. I write chick lititure and that’s why I use a pen name; To protect my reputation as a southern redneck. I can’t have the good old boys at the coffee shop learn I write chick lit.

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